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Dr. Kenneth L. Mattox School of Math & Sciences

Wayland is committed to upgrading our School of Mathematics and Sciences in order to remain competitive. Our students are doing remarkable things in the field and they need a quality learning environment in which to conduct experiments, record their findings and present research to their peers. This project will upgrade existing laboratories and add more classroom and lab space.
We are so close! Achieving our campaign goal of $7.2 million will complete the funds to take our School of Mathematics and Sciences to the next level. Your gift will help us reach our goal and honor one of our most notable alumni.

Dr. Kenneth L. Mattox

We're nearly there

Help us reach out $7.2M goal! Impact2020 will upgrade the current lab facilities and build additional classrooms spaces for the School of Math & Sciences. Donate now to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!

$6M committed

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Floor Plan

Upgrades will include renovations to the current facility, a new chemistry wing and new greenhouse. 

Students will be able to further pursue their undergraduate research in state-of-the-art facilities tailored to this activity.

Leigh Ann DeMerritt

I came to Wayland because of the science department. I was impressed with the biology department and the students that came out of that program. The grad schools that I have applied to have told me that they don't expect the experience I have from undergrads. I'm thankful for the opportunities I've received at Wayland.