Gates Hall

Gates Hall was completed in 1911, and was named after Wayland's first president, Dr. Isaac E. Gates.

100 years have taken a toll on this beautiful building. Restorations to the exterior will allow Gates Hall to continue to be a hub for Wayland life.

We're nearly there

We've received more than $500,000 in commitments toward our $825,000 goal. Help us raise the money necessary to ensure Gates Hall will stand for another 100 years. Take advantage of our matching grant, and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!

500K Committed

Through the Years

Gates Hall origninally served as a combination of classrooms, dining hall, administration and dormitory for the 208 students originally enrolled in this newly founded college.

Through the years, all Wayland students --traditional, non-traditional, concurrent and external students -- have benefitted from the work that goes on in these hallowed halls of education.

Gates Hall serves as a symbol for our university's mission, a reminder of our tenacity and a vision for our future. 

Dr. Bobby Hall

What began as the vision of a pioneer doctor and his wife to provide a quality Christian education to their family and their community, grew into one of the largest Baptist institutions in the nation. As we look back over the past 109 years, we are humbled to see how God has used this great institution to serve more than 53,000 students. We believe this endeavor to renovate Gates Hall will honor those great pioneers who sought to bring Christian education to the high plains.



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