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You have the power to impact the lives of students around the world. Wayland has grown from its humble beginnings in West Texas to a global community. While these students may not be on our campus, they are still in our classrooms. Your gift will provide opportunities for them to carry the Wayland story with them wherever they go.

More diverse than ever

Wayland has a rich history of cultural diversity from voluntary integration to international outreach. You can support the efforts of these students as they pursue an education. International students and students from all backgrounds weave personal experiences into the rich tapestry that is Wayland. You give students a chance to further their dreams through education.








Asain - 2%

Unknown - 3%

Native American - 1%


Students - 1%

White - 36%

Mixed - 5%

Pacific Islander - 3%

Hispanic - 31%

African American - 18%


Graduates in 2019

High Academically Achieving

You play an important role in providing an education that is second to none. Wayland students are highly successful, pursuing careers in business, religion, education, law enforcement, the arts, music, the sciences and more. You make the difference by providing them opportunities to learn, grow, experiment and explore through education.

Exercise Science - 1%

Nursing - 4%

Academic Achievement  - 1%

Christian Studies - 4%

Math &

Sciences - 4%

Unknown - 7%

Education - 22%

Business - 35%

Fine Art - <1%

Music - 1%

Social Sciences - 19%

Languages &

Literature - 1%

Make an Impact

You are more important than ever to the success of our Impact2020 Campaign. Your gift impacts students all across campus and around the Wayland system. We still need to raise additional funds to make this campaign is a success. Your help is more important than ever. Your gift will make Wayland better than it has ever been before.


Campaign Goal

Campaign Completion


& Foundations



Campaign Participation

Changing Students' Lives Through Endowed Scholarships

Impact 2020 has already made a difference in the lives of students. You've help create new scholarships and added to existing ones, helping students unlock their potential.




Students Awarded


Scholarships Given

$1.5 million


Upgrade our

Lab Facilities

Your gift will help update our classroom spaces and build new, state-of-the art Chemistry research labs for our students. Our students do amazing things in undergraduate research and many attend graduate schools to pursue their dreams. Your donations will help us take our School of Mathematics and Sciences to the next level.

Completing this goal will truly make Wayland better than it has ever been before.

More than students

Our Math & Science majors are not only making a difference in their fields of study but they are also influencing the world of science through research. 

Wayland Students continue to win research awards and state and regional academic competitions.


Build an

Athletics Facility

Our student athletes continue to impress us. Our athletics programs continue to be highly competitive on the national scene, bringing home national championships and competing at the highest level. And our athletes still perform in the classroom.

You can help us provide a place for them to train with state-of-the-art strength and conditioning equipment, a sprint track, locker rooms and more. With your gift, Wayland will be better equipped to serve our students.

Athletic Excellence

At Wayland, we do a lot with a little. Though our current training facility is little more than a shed, our teams continue to compete with the best. This new training facility will empower our athletes to reach new heights. 


Gates Hall

Gates Hall was completed in 1911, and was named after Wayland's first president, Dr. Isaac E. Gates.

100 years have taken a toll on this beautiful building. Restorations to the exterior will allow Gates Hall to continue to be a hub for Wayland life.

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