Thank You

The impact that our capital campaign had on our beloved university and its students is beyond words. Building upon more than 11 decades of quality Christian education, you came through with a stellar performance.


Total Given

Science Building rendering.jpg

Upgrade our

Lab Facilities

We will soon rename our School of
Mathematics and Sciences after renowned
surgeon and WBU alumnus Dr. Kenneth
Mattox as we build an addition to the science building.

Kyle Rickman

As an alumnus of the School of Math and Sciences, I know that with as much as I was able to accomplish during my undergraduate work, I can only imagine what it will be like for future students with the addition to that facility.



Build an

Athletics Facility

We are currently planning the construction of a much-needed athletic training facility for our championship athletes.

Generic Athletic Training Facility.jpg

Jackson Kent

Thank you for supporting the athletic training center. Athletes come here with a strong foundation, but having access to a better workout facility can change a good player into a great one. As a soccer player, I know that proper training can help prevent injuries. This new place will make a difference for all athletes. Thank you!




Gates Hall

Restoration has already begun on our iconic Gates Hall. Concrete and stone work is being restored. Sidewalks are being rebuilt and the building will have all windows replaced.

Adelina Gonzalez

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in early education from Wayland. As a 52-year-old, it was a struggle going back to school. With a full-time job and a house to run, I almost gave up. I realized that if I didn’t finish, I would regret it. I’m glad I pressed forward and finally accomplished what I thought I could never do. Thank you for giving me another chance at life.